Foxfield discovers opportunities where others see none. our investment mandate focuses on a margin of safety that controls downside risk and produces asymmetric returns for our investors. We see properties not for what they are but for their potential within the fabric of the community.

Foxfield invests across the industrial and residential landscape and finds opportunities across the risk spectrum. As both Foxfield and Novaya this resulted in insightful investments ranging from short-term, value-add projects to long-term, multiple-oriented deals. With operating expertise across this spectrum, Foxfield is capable of capitalizing on a vast array of deal types. 

Foxfield is driven by performance, not categories, giving us a clear sightline to the possibilities others may overlook.

Acquisition Criteria

Foxfield actively sources opportunities across risk categories in commercial and residential asset classes in major and emerging East Coast markets. Foxfield is able to act swiftly on compelling opportunities and typically purchases properties between $5mm and $100mm with the goal to add significant value via re-tenanting, repositioning, redevelopment and development.

Value-Add and Development

Historically, Foxfield offered investors one-off, value-add, and development deals. These single deal structures allow investors to participate selectively in short- to mid-term, event-driven projects. Foxfield’s expertise in leasing, asset management, permitting, and development allows us to create the utmost value for our investors. Value creation ranges from repositionings to green- and brown-field developments.

Stabilized Open-End Fund

Foxfield created the Open-End Fund as a complement to the value-add and development business. Longer term and lower risk, the Fund is a current-income focused vehicle designed to perform through complete market cycles. By selectively blending assets between the Fund and single-syndicated deals, investors are given options in the risk-profile and weighted-average term of their investments with Foxfield.